No more newspapers??

•February 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

The journalism world has always revolved around the public and its need for information. In this growing digital information age, it comes as no surprise that a specific type of journalism known as print journalism is coming to a slow and excruciating halt in society today. The reason for this is because the general community today has a plethora of methods to gain information and the news. Technology, specifically the internet, is changing the trends in journalism by incorporating many diverse media platforms. By media platforms, I am referring to the convergence of not only web sites but also the news television stations and newspapers. This combination provides and creates more resources to probe issues and more powerful story-telling methods through multi-media technology. Even though many people today perceive this technology trend as a beneficial thing, it is casting an ugly and impending shadow over the field of print journalism.

However, even though newspapers are becoming obsolete, it is not the end for print journalism. Instead, we can redefine what it means to be in the field of print journalism. The new era of journalism will not be built on a linear narrative. The next generation does not consume news and information that way. It is in short bursts, like their communication by SMS and IM. You can still publish news and journalism to this audience, but how? If you break down the construct of a news story that lasted for so long because of a certain need (to fill columns in print), how can journalism serve readers’ needs in new way? Should we recognize an exchange in the comments section of a reporter’s blog as journalism? What about an online chat? So what I’m saying here is, let’s broaden the definition of what it means to commit print journalism.


The Future of Sports

•February 21, 2010 • 3 Comments

Have any of you ever wondered what it would be like to play a sport in a zero gravity stadium? Well, in the future, this dream  may very well become a reality. In the first stages of these stadiums, it will be somewhere around 20 meters, which is big enough for “Zero-G” gymnastics, ballet, and an additional variety of sports! Zero-G versions of already exisiting terrestrial sports like ping-pong, badminton, tennis and even basketball will be available. As the structures get larger, the sports will get bigger and we can even incorporate spectator stands to watch! Once new technologies include rotating sections, ball games will have a new feature where the ball will follow a spiraling path, thus creating an entirely new dimension to throwing and catching! The future will be fun.

Windows and LG Pushing the Boundaries of Technology?

•February 15, 2010 • 1 Comment

So…you thought projectors were only power-hungry applicances that could never be made mobil? Well, LG has proved otherwise. It is called an eXpo- it consists of customized Windows Mobile 6.5, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, a built-in fingerprint sensor, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera and an optional Pico Projector, HSPA connectivity of up to 7.2mbps and a keyboard that even slides out..all in one phone. However, the phone continues to amaze buyers even more so by introducing the first ever multitasking button. Pressing it launches the LG multitasking application, which basically is a graphically enhanced task manager. The Multitasking app shows all your open applications, and from there you can go directly into the app by tapping the thumbnail. The fact that this small phone incorporates a vast amount of advanced technology within it amazes me. This LG eXpo projector phone exemplifies the advancements of technology throughout the years and keeps us wondering what the future holds for us.

The “Rave Culture” of Today

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Until the sun rises to burn our eyes by revealing the dis-utopian reality of a world you’ve created for us, we dance fiercely with our brothers and sisters in celebration of our life, of our culture, and of the values we believe in:

Our enemy of choice is ignorance.
Our weapon of choice is information.
Our crime of choice is breaking and challenging whatever laws you feel you need to put in place to stop us from celebrating our existence.

To some, it is known as “the heavy metal of dance music”, this music that has derived a majority of its sound symbology from rap, hip hop, funk, and even disco. Techno music-an ever increasing popular genre listened to by people all around the world since the mid 80’s (depending on who you ask).  However old you might believe this type of music has been around, you cannot deny that it has been constantly evolving throughout the years since its birth.  The music’s diversity brings into question how it has shaped the past and is currently shaping the future. Techno appears fresh and compelling because of it’s frequent use of the newest and most advanced recording and sound-processing technologies. What I am trying to convey is that techno music has enhanced our way of constructing the present and the future in our own minds through interpretations of society and connections to our emotions that are tied to the root ideas of the music. It is not only the music and its lyrics that influence and open our minds to thinking about the future, but also the pop culture that has been created and integrated into the young generation. This “Rave Culture” is not surprising considering Techno’s popularity, creative dynamism, and relevance to and the reflection of cultural formation and mediation in the information-age. Techno is a genre that goes beyond sound, it attempts to influence people to ponder utopian meanings, such as living together in harmony no matter what race, ethnicity, or religion you practice. In this way, I believe the music has an impact on how our generation views the future and what we can do to improve it.

Hello world!

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